Arbeitsplatz Übersetzer Tina Heise

What has happened
so far ...

… is a whole range of things of which almost every person having arrived in the middle ages of their lives has already experienced some. This diversity can easily be illustrated by a few hard facts from my CV – even though my CV is a very contemporary one and typical for our modern times: not linear, but all the more varied. Both my foreign languages run like a red thread through all phases of my professional life, and French and English have always been, still are and will remain to be my constant companions.

In addition, I have more than 30 years of overall language experience and over 10 years of professional experience in international development cooperation – both points taken together make up my current professional position.

These are my main professional stations:

since 08/2019   
Freelance interpreter & translator for English & French (sworn for the French language).

since 10/2016   
HR Management Assistant in Hamburg in the field of International Development Cooperation (Education, Skills and Employment Department):

Conceptual planning and organization of in-house and advanced professional trainings.
Onboarding Management: Introduction of a standardized introduction process for new employees, implementation of introduction Events.
Translation and linguistic revision of contract templates and other HR-related documents.

2008 - 2016
Administrative Coordinator in Hamburg in the field of International Development Cooperation:

Identification of new projects: Internet research, pipeline maintenance and monitoring of quotations in teams (EU, GIZ, KfW, World Bank)
Administrative and organizational handling of projects
Communication with experts, ministries, clients and consortium partners worldwide
Internal and external deadline control
Quality control, monitoring of internal quality processes
Preparations for consortium meetings, study trips
Travel Management, Visa Procurement and International Insurance
Administration and maintenance of project databases, document management
Final editing/proofreading of reports, offers and technical texts
Translation of technical texts, working languages: German, English, French.

Management Assistant in Hamburg; trilingual secretariat.

2001 - 2007
Foreign language correspondent for mechanical engineering companies in Lübeck.

Translation of operating manuals, machine descriptions, PLC programs, contracts, websites and marketing material, interpreting of meetings. trade fair organization and assistance.

1992 - 1997
Studies of English and French language and literature as well as Educational sciences at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, graduated with the First State Examination in teaching.

Certificate for "German as a foreign language" and "Extracurricular teaching: English"

1991   Abitur [German high-school leaving degree]

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