Fees for language mediators vary according to the 
type of service.


are in many instances invoiced according to the lines of the text to be translated (standard line). A standard line consists of 55 characters (including spaces). Invoicing per word is also common.

The source texts submitted for translation may vary widely. Therefore, the following factors are taken into account for a solid pricing:

  • length of the text
  • level of difficulty / degree of specialization
  • initial and desired format
  • additional services (e.g. layout, certified document)
  • delivery date

In order to establish a more precise price indication and delivery time, I would need to review your scanned document in advance.
If you would like to join your scanned document to your translation request, please send an e-mail directly to

Interpreting services 

are charged based on the duration and the type of the assignment (simultaneous or consecutive). For longer assignments, these are daily or half-day rates (plus any incidental travel expenses). In the case of shorter assignments, individual agreements can be reached which are usually based on an hourly fee.

It will be my pleasure to prepare a 

non-binding quote

for you on the basis of your individual request.