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For language mediators, the difference between translation and interpreting is quite obvious – but that is not always the case for our clients. Here is a brief explanation as to the difference in terms:

concerns the transfer of the written word from a source text to a target text.

concerns the translation of the spoken word from a source language into a target language. This transmission process can take various forms (see section on "Interpretation").

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My interpreting services cover various areas.
Be it interpreting for business meetings or for informal get-togethers; and  in the German–French–German language combination also for weddings or name changes at the registry office or for other authorities ... for local and regional courts ... This is all part of it. Don't hesitate to contact me and inquire about your specific needs. I look forward to taking on new challenges.


Due to my professional experience of the last 20 years in different medium-sized private sector companies and in various branches, I have already been able to translate a variety of texts: websites, marketing material (brochures, flyers, posters), product and machine descriptions, operating instructions, various types of contracts, HR-related texts, specialized educational texts, project references etc. ...

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Our mother tongue, being the language we learn first in life (and sometimes being the only one, too), is the language we know best. Mostly, we have experienced its difficulties at a very early stage in all its numerous facets. We intuitively hear whether something "fits" and "sounds right" or not; or rather we hear very clearly when something "doesn't really sound right" in a sentence. For this reason, I offer proofreading for French and English texts that have already been translated into German, but still need some finishing touches in order to convince in terms of style and spelling.

Areas of expertise

My areas of expertise – law, international development cooperation, but also some technical or marketing texts and the occasional IT text – are the result of my professional experience as well as my studies. If your requested topic is not one of the above, do not hesitate to ask me. Questions are of course free of charge and after checking your specifications I can tell you whether or not your request turns into an assignment.

Feel free to pay me a visit on Xing and LinkedIn.

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