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My translations

Text types

I am open-minded, so it is always worth inquiring about your specific needs. However, I do focus on the following areas: law, international development cooperation, translation of websites and marketing materials (e.g. flyers, brochures or company presentations), also one or the other technical text. IT texts equally form part of the material that I have already translated.
As mentioned before: asking is always for free ...

Legal translations

In the legal field, it is often certified translations by a sworn translator that are required. I am a sworn translator for the French language (German–French–German) and I translate and certify, for example, the following legal or administrative documents:

School reports, diplomas & degrees

(job references, recommendation letters ...)

Certificates (certificates of attendance, medical certificates ...)

Public documents & notary deeds

(birth certificates, marriage certificates ...)

Administrative documents

(driving licenses, no record of marriage certificates ...)

Contracts (marriage contracts, employment contracts ...)

Extracts from the commercial register

Court judgments in civil and criminal law
(divorce decrees, but also e,g, bills of indictment)

You may find more information on my profile as a sworn translator and interpreter for the French language here: www.justiz-dolmetscher.de.

Terminology research

Particularly in the legal field, e.g. for indictments, police reports or arrest warrants, it is very important to find the appropriate term in the target language, which ideally – but by far not always – coincides in meaning with that of the source language. In cases where this exact "congruence" or "equality in meaning" does not exist, a well-founded terminology search based on a specific, clearly defined approach provides the best possible answers.

This method may also be applied to all subject areas outside the legal context; it is a useful tool for a professional, high-quality translation.